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A Look at a Transformational Story

For the audio podcast, originally heard on “Midlife Fulfilled”, click here.
For part 2, the host’s commentary, click here.

What Was I Thinking?

Let me say, I was not going to share this, outside of the interview I did with my old friend Bernie at Midlife Fulfilled podcast. Not to say I was embarrassed, if any of you know me, that’s just not how I am.

I did not want to sound to arrogant, or bragging about how “I did it, now you can do it too”! My real hesitancy is that I feel many people overshare their personal lives on social media, or to somehow use it to promote themselves.

I was encouraged to share this anyway, because of what it says, not just about me, but about finding your motivation, overcoming your false beliefs that somehow due to your age, your aches and pains, that you cannot flip over a new card, and start a new direction for your life. If you want to know more about me, or why I flipped my whole world upside down in my 50’s, take a listen to both parts of this interview.

I was shocked when I listened to it, because of what I realized I had said, and never realized at the time. I hope you enjoy, and maybe take away some hope that “you can do it too”!

  • Bernie’s Midlife Newsletter is a great resource, if you want to read the post he sent out with this show, continue reading below. All my best. – Chuck

Chuck shares his journey to find purpose in his return to a career in technology.

📌 Key Takeaways:
1️⃣ Mind-Body Connection: Chuck prioritized health and fitness in midlife with a commitment to daily exercise resulting in significant health improvements, including weight loss and better blood pressure control.

2️⃣ Embracing Change: Out of necessity, Chuck transitioned from a technical job in the movie industry impacted by COVID-19.

3️⃣ Art as Therapy: Chuck’s passion for sculpting paved the way for his involvement in art therapy, volunteering to help veterans access treatment and find purpose.

4️⃣ Technology with Purpose: Embracing a role in Crypto and Block Chain has inspired him to make a difference in his return to his career roots in technology. 

Chuck and I hosted a podcast about 10 years ago. We published 49 episodes before retiring this podcast. 

Our podcast focused on digital marketing topics. We were both small business owners at the time in the digital marketing space. We kept each other on our toes bantering about the (then) current digital marketing trends.  

We also managed to somehow talk about “blue-suede shoes” on nearly every episode. Our listeners were amused by this. The “blue-suede shoes” topic became what we were remembered for. To this day, Chuck hears people remark on this. Go figure!  

Chuck fell in love with pottery during the pandemic. He studied the craft and eventually became a volunteer with veterans groups providing pottery lessons as a form of therapy.

Don’t miss out on Chuck’s captivating fulfillment story that intertwines art, fitness, technology, and “blue-suede shoes” in the pursuit of a fulfilled midlife.

On episode 99, my midweek solo episode dropping on July 20th, I’ll give you my takeaway from my conversation with Chuck Palm and a challenge for you to consider.

Bernie Borges, Midlife Fulfilled Host


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  1. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and your wife. You’ve come a long way from when we met at Charlie’s. Wish your career continues to flourish.

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A Look at a Transformational Story

For the audio podcast, originally heard on “Midlife Fulfilled”, click here. For part 2, the host’s commentary, click here. What Was I Thinking? Let me

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