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Digital Media takes many forms today, from blogs, to podcasts, YouTube, Streaming TV, and  even radios are all digital now.  You need someone with experience that you can trust that will guide your company around all the media mess to success.

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about chuck

Old School Meets New Tech

With 30 years of Tech experience, you can rest assured Chuck has seen a lot of changes.  Constantly staying on top of new tech is how you achieve that kind of stability.


years in High Tech Solutions


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Chuck Is... a Highly Sought After Speaker

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Blockchain, Mindfulness, Bleeding Edge, A.I., and more!

Described as “A Tech Futurist with an Optimistic Bend”, Chuck is always on point, Topical, and ahead of “Bleeding Edge” trends.  (Not to mention NEVER BORING!)

A.I., Blockchain, and Metaverse
Creativity/Success/ Mindfulness Training
Podcasting and Digital Publishing
Cybersecurity & Threat Readiness
and more!
what is a digital media consultant?

It is what your business, your brand, or your own social profile needs to stay on top of the Content game.

Hours of video are uploaded every day, just to YouTube! Feeling overwhelmed yet? Don't be, take a deep breath, and let's talk value over volume.
Lean how to unleash your creativity!

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